Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another Man Of Steel: Bam Adebayo

Another Man of Steel: Bam Adebayo

Dwight Howard in his prime was the most dominant big man in the league, bringing in 3 Defensive MVP’s, 5 All-NBA first team selections, and 8 All-Star selections. In this year’s upcoming draft there is a draftee that has similar qualities and that has the potential to be just as good as Howard.
Bam Adebayo is a 6’10 260-pound beast from university of Kentucky. This season Adebayo average 13 PPG, 8 RPG, 1.5 BPG, and shot 59 percent from field. NBA scouts will be enamored with his motor, potential, and physical gifts. If Adebayo is selected to a team with a good point guard, he will thrive in the league. Adebayo is very effective in the pick and roll, throwing down ferocious dunks and getting offensive rebounds making 75 percent of his put-back layups.
His biggest impact in the NBA will be on the defensive side of the ball. With his lateral quickness and leaping ability he will be able to switch on guards and forwards without getting blown by. In today’s small-ball NBA big men that can move like Adebayo and switch on guards and forwards are very valuable. He also has the potential to be an elite rim-protector with his 7’1.5 wingspan, and a 39.5 maximum vertical.
At 19 Adebayo, is physically and athletically is ready to play in league. He seeks out contact and battles for position to get rebounds. Long-term Adebayo could be a consistent double-double guy for a long time in the association. This season at Kentucky Malik Monk and De’Aaron Fox stole a lot of the limelight from Adebayo and he didn’t get the ball as much, but he showed NBA scouts he had skills that could translate to the NBA and make him a solid player for years to come. “You’re talking about a player who can guard all five positions, has more perimeter skills than people know, and someone with size and a physique that immediately translates to that league. Bam is a great kid with a ton of upside. Should he decide to stay in the draft, he will be an outstanding four man in the NBA. Every organization needs character and Bam is a high-character kid who only cares about winning.” Coach Calipari said.
Adebayo offensively has room for improvement, if he develops a few more offensive moves in the post and improve his free-throw percentage he could be a potential All-Star in a few years. Currently Adebayo is expected to be drafted mid to late in the first round, which could do wonders for his career because a playoff team will probably end up drafting him. If the organization that drafts him allows him to learn and develop in a few seasons we could be looking at one of the next dominant big men in the NBA.

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